Manage privacy risks for your entire business network

"Outside-In" Privacy View

Automatically cover entire business network

Proactive regulatory compliance insights for any company in business network

Colorado Privacy Act - CPA
Connecticut Data Privacy Act - CDPA, CTDPA
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, GLBA
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - HIPAA
Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act - VCDPA
Tennessee Information Protection Act - TIPA
Texas Data Privacy and Security Act - TDPSA
Indiana Consumer Data Protection Act - IN-ICDPA
Iowa Consumer Data Protection Act - ICDPA

Understand your true enterprise privacy risks

Comprehensive privacy views for each company in your business network
Privacy Score Dashboard
Analyze Privacy Profile of your Entire Business Network Members

Automatically receive privacy profiles of all companies in your business network

Uncover companies in your business network that introduce disproportionate privacy risks and may not be fully compliant with privacy regulations

Get actionable insights that your privacy & risk teams can readily implement

Competitor Analysis of your Network

Perform privacy-based competitor analysis

Review your privacy strengths and weaknesses and compare your privacy profile against your with competition

Continuously monitor enterprise privacy risk

One place to quantify, analyze and monitor privacy risks for your business network regardless of the technology used by network members

Privacy Score

Privacy Risk Analysis

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Competitor Analysis

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