Why You Need an ‘Outside-In’ Approach to Privacy Risk Monitoring

Podcast by CEO

Debra Farber discusses privacy risk monitoring and importance of managing privacy risks for entire business network.

“Get ready for an eye-opening conversation with Sanjay Saini, the founder and CEO of Privaini, a groundbreaking privacy tech company. Sanjay’s journey is not only impressive due to his role in creating high-performance teams that have built entirely new product categories, but also for the invaluable lessons he learned from his grandfather about the pillars of successful companies – trust and human connections. In our discussion, Sanjay shares how Privaini is raising the privacy bar by constructing the world’s largest repository of company privacy policies and practices. It’s a fascinating dive into the future of privacy risk management.”

Imagine being able to gain full coverage of your external #privacyrisks with #continuousmonitoring. Wouldn’t that revolutionize your approach to risk management? That’s exactly what Privaini is doing! Sanjay explains how Privaini utilizes AI to analyze, standardize, and derive meaningful “privacy views” and insights from vast volumes of publicly-available data. Listen in to understand how Privaini’s innovative approach is helping companies gain visibility into their entire business network to make quicker, more informed decisions.


What motivated Sanjay to found companies that bring trusted systems to market and why he founded Privaini to focus on continuous privacy risk monitoring

How to quantitatively analyze & monitor privacy risk throughout an entire ‘business network’ and what Sanjay means by ‘business network’

Which stakeholders benefit from using the Privaini platform

The benefits to calculating a “quantified privacy risk score” for each company in your business network to effectively monitor privacy risk

How Privaini leverages AI to discover external data about companies’ privacy posture and why it must be used in a responsible and deliberate way

Why effective privacy risk monitoring of a company’s business network requires an “outside-in” approach

The importance of continuous monitoring & the benefits to using an ‘outside-in’ approach

What it takes to set up an enterprise’s network with Privaini for full coverage of external privacy risks

The recent Criteo fines and how Privaini could have helped Criteo surface privacy risks about its vendors

Why Sanjay believes learning about the “right side” of the equation is necessary in order to “shift privacy left”

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