Understand your true enterprise privacy risks

Comprehensive privacy profiles for any company in your business network created from externally observable data
Privacy Score Dashboard

We start with generating AI-Powered Privacy Score

Privacy Score is created with an "Outside-In" approach and uses externally observable privacy, corporate, regulatory, and security data
Collect Data

Collect Data

Externally observable data is collected from 100+ data sources
AI-Powered Research

AI-Powered Research

Generates standardized privacy profiles and captures trends
Systematic Analysis Multi Dimensions

Systematic Analysis

Dimensions are weighed for observable data and business network members

Calculate Score

Normalized Privacy Score ranges from 0 - 100, higher score is better

We create standardized privacy profile of a company

Privaini creates a normalized view of a company's privacy posture derived from external data, without asking any information from the company
Privacy Score Screen
Analyze Privacy Profile of your Entire Business Network Members

We automatically build privacy profiles for all companies in your business network

Privaini does not require questionnaires from companies in your business network

So, you enjoy a rapid implementation that covers all companies in your business network including business associates, partners, vendors, suppliers, and even customers

Privaini provides specific privacy insights based on your privacy profile and your business network

Top Candidates for EPI

Privaini creates
actionable reports

Automated reports for independent verification, audits, and implement specific recommendations
Compare Privacy Practices graphic

Privacy Profile Report

Business Network Report

Competitor Analysis Report

Tracking Technologies Audit Report

We continuously monitors your entire business network

Privaini continuously monitors every company in your business network for changes that may impact your privacy posture

Compare Privacy Practices

Historical Trends

Regulatory Compliance

Security & Regulatory Events

Continuous Monitoring Graphics

Rich platform capabilities empower you to effectively manage enterprise privacy risks

AI Generated Privacy Score

Competitor Analysis




Privacy Events & Alerts

Tracking Technologies Audit​​

Company Registration


Independent Varification

Regulations & Rights

Opt-Outs Option

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